Music Industry Weekend at Bosch Baha’i School

To all you Baha’i musicians and recording engineers and producers out there:  We’re getting ready for the Fifth Annual Baha’i Music Industry Weekend at Bosch.  It runs from Thursday evening , 25 October through Sunday noon, 28 October.  If you haven’t registered, get on it!  This will be fun.

 We’ll plan future collaborations, and share some lessons learned about performing, recording, producing and promoting our musical art.  We’ll explore not only how to make money with our craft, but also how to be more effective as musicians in the Baha’i community.
  And of course, we’ll jam a bit too, and perform!
  You’ll hear some of the best Baha’i music coming out of the community and meet some fantastic talent. Young and old, country, folk, jazz, blues, pop, hip hop, techno, all types will be there.  We’ll have “Open Mic” nights on Thursday and Friday giving everyone a chance to perform.  On Saturday morning we’ll all vote for our nine favorites to perform in a show on Saturday Night for the public.

  In years past, Baha’i musicians and producers from all over met and collaborated after the weekend on some of the most amazing music.  “Unrestrained as the Wind”, the wonderful and eclectic Ruhi Book 2 music CD, was born at this event.  Perhaps you too will become part of a great musical project after attending this year at Bosch.

  So Please join us at Bosch!
  Although we have the whole campus, SPACE IS LIMITED!  All housing, and great meals are provided at the wonderful Bosch facility in the forest.

  Call or email the school today to reserve your place at this wonderful event.  If you can’t stay the whole weekend, come for the concert on Saturday evening!

  Bosch Baha’i School, 500 Comstock Lane, Santa Cruz, CA 95060-9615
  On the web at:

  Phone: [831] 423-3387
  Fax: [831] 423-7564

Weekend Update.  Here’s some update on the Music Indutry Weekend:

We have Jeff Bohnoff scheduled for “Home recording with personal computers”.
Alan James is scheduled to do “Performance Workshops” (2 of them), and
I’m planning to do another “Songwriting Techniques and Song Circle” ( in
which I anticipate Alan’s help unless there’s a big demand for a third
Performance session)  Vic Salvo is coming to present a workshop on Music Composition – chord choices for evoking moods.  I will also present a workshop called:
“Building your business in the Web 2.0 world”.  It was prepared by our great Canadian Producer Jarome Matthews.  It has some cool things to say about blogs.

Jean Quinn will do a Friday-morning group presentation about: 
“Teaching Teachers” – how to support core activities by teaching group harmony singing
and back-track production.  And Kim Bowers of the “Workshop for the Arts” in Texas is coming to tell us about their next big collaboration project – Devotional Music.

ALSO:  Don’t forget to bring your CDs to sell or trade.  Let me know of your “new releases” you’d like the group to hear.

Even though the workshops are great, the best part for me has been meeting and playing music with all of you.  I hope we can do it again!



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