Fabulous Music Industry Weekend

Thank you fellow Musicians for a FABULOUS Music Industry Weekend at Bosch!!!


What a pleasure it was to see my old friends and make such great new ones.  And how satisfying to see some of our hard-working servants of the Bahá’í Faith finally get the chance to un-wind with musician brothers and sisters!  On Sunday, I thanked Irwin Anolik (superb drummer for 2B1) for his selfless service as the duty drummer for the weekend.  I want to add a thank you to Nelson LeDuc and David Cedarquist for their services on bass.   And a big hug and thanks to dear Jean T Quinn who supplied many of our percussion instruments. 


It was really great to see Van Gilmer again and Russ Salton from up in Gig Harbor, Washington.   And my dear friends Jeff and Maya Bohnoff who always put on an excellent performance.  It was a treat to finally meet Chris Ruhe whose music and energy I have enjoyed for years! (and thanks for the birthday song my friend).  Jerry York, down there in Houston, TX – you were a great addition. And David Hunt – a consummate professional – was a delight to meet and hear and see perform! There really were just too many great folks to mention.


I want to say that while our annual event has always been rich in talent, I think this 5th rendition had to be the best ever.  The caliber of musicianship and performance was top-notch!  I’ve posted some photos on the “Music Industry Weekend Scrapbook” Page.  Have a look and if I’ve misidentified anyone, please post a comment with a correction.  

I now can really appreciate the amount of work that Michael Eissinger of RadioNUR poured into this event to get the ball rolling since the beginning five years ago.  Michael, you’ll be pleased to know we paid attention and managed to pull off a great one on our own.  Do well in your studies Michael and rejoin us when you can!


Oh, you’ll all be pleased to know that Alan James’  house was indeed still standing and quite cool when we made it back to San Diego last night. (I think they could hear the sigh of relief up in LA!)


For those who could not join in this year, don’t despair!  We’re on the Bosch schedule for next year. It will be October 30 through Nov 2, 2008 (Thursday through Sunday). 

Mark those calendars now!!



Darrell Rodgers                                        

Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist




About Darrell

Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist
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