Home from Tucson

I’m Home from Tucson – after a 7day trip that mixed business with chores.  Deb and I went to Tucson following some business in Scottsdale with the intention of getting some work done on my house there.  My daughter lives there and attends the University of Arizona.  I go there to support her by fixing the house. 

This trip was to be windows – new glazing compound (putty).  You see, it gets dry in Tucson – really dry.  I have often said “It’s so dry in Tucson that when I cut myself shaving, sand comes out”.  Well, it’s dry enough that window putty dries out, cracks and chips away leaving your window pane ready to fall out.  So I figured it was time to putty up some of those old windows. 

The instructions on the bucket of putty including the warning “do not use on wet surfaces” and “avoid getting wet”.  No problem I figured. 

Wouldn’t you know it.  This weekend, Tucson had the longest soaking rain it’s had in years.  Oh well, I got a few windows done on Sunday after the rains departed.  I guess I’ll just have to add another trip to my schedule. 

It was a treat to visit some old friends there.  I got spend a wonderful evening with my spiritual brother and sister, Mike and Marti Lindsey whom I have known for decades.  Mike and I were in grade-school together.  It was good also to visit with Greg and Brenda Waddell.  Brenda is my real-estate agent of choice in Tucson.  She grew up there and really knows that city.  Greg is another old friend from my childhood days in Virginia.  His family lived just down the street.  On Sunday evening I got to visit with Brian and Sarah Taraz who used to live in Chula Vista, CA just a few miles from me.  They now live in Tucson and it was fun to play music again with both of them.  They are truly talented people.  Brian does what he calls “Scripture Rock”.  The music is Rock & Roll and Blues, the lyrics are biblical – verbatim.  One time I recall watching Brian perform some Scripture Rock as three catholic girls from the University of San Diego sat in front of me.  One girl turned to her friends and said “I’ve never heard the bible like THIS.”  Another girl responded “I KNOW!  I’m going to have to read that thing!”  Go Brian. 

Mike and Marti    Brian & Sarah

Nonetheless, it’s good to be back in Imperial Beach.  I intend to stay here a while.  Maybe I’ll get some more songs recorded.



Darrell Rodgers                                             
Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist

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Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist
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