Knowing When I’m Done

I’m struggling friends, with my efforts to get my recordings done.  My issue is in knowing when to stop. 


My dear bride has admonished me that she wants to hear my voice and my guitar, and no more. (for a former head-banger she sure is a folk-blues purist).  I sometimes like a more “produced” sound. 


But a more produced sound is time-consuming – as my friend Jarome Matthew, the skilled and patient high-tech producer in Canada, has aptly explained in his own recent blog.  His good advice has reinforced some of my own good ideas – like recording EVERYTHING to a beat track – even if I choose to not add percussion.  Aside from making the song tempo consistent and easier to enjoy, it makes it possible to later add “production” (back-up tracks) without nearly the hassle of a less time-disciplined approach.  And anyone who has paid close attention to my live shows, knows that my time signatures vary – often on purpose.  Sometimes I choose to vary tempo just for an effect.  But, sometimes, it’s just a mistake.


The good news is that I’m getting better at this.  Last night I managed to get a good first cut of “Mama Oh Mama” recorded along with a decent bass line and some simple percussion. That brings my progress count to 6 of 14 songs (for the first CD).  My objective is to produce TWO CDs of songs I’ve written over the past 30 years.  The first CD will be a collection of Baha’i – oriented songs and is directed at Baha’i Teachers – those bold souls who spread the news of Baha’u’llah’s message.  I plan to title the first CD after one of my most popular tunes of that genre, “Each One Teach One”, and subtitle the CD “Songs for the Army of Light”.  My goal and motto of the past thirty-four years of Baha’i songwriting has been: “Attract the Hearts of Seekers, Fortify the Hearts of Believers”.


The second CD I produce will be my more “secular” pieces like “Woodstock Generation”, “Second Chance”, and “Real Love” and maybe even that tune my bride calls the “cheatin” song, “Have You Been There Too?”.  I have a BUNCH of those kind of songs.  Heck, I might even have enough for a third CD.  In fact, I may enough “Blues” tunes for a whole CD of blues. But then, that’s what living 50-plus years will do to a songwriter. <wink>


Darrell Rodgers                                                                                            
Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist 

About Darrell

Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist
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One Response to Knowing When I’m Done

  1. bahia farahi says:

    Dear Darrell:
    Thank you so much for reading my blog and your comments about Prince Kambiz, my son!
    It was wonderful to read your blog. You are a talented humble artist.
    Yes, you are right we both are in SD, and not seeing each other.
    Currently, I am in Marana, Tucson staying with Farrah and George. I will be back to SD, Friday.
    Please send my love to Deb. I love this angel.
    Loving wishes from your friend,

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