Tucson none too soon

We just arrived at the Tucson house this evening (Sunday) and the crew is coming in the morning to unpack our truck. What a week this has been.  My workload (day job) was heavy so my poor bride was left to do most of the packing herself.  But I packed too until midnight most nights.  I took Friday afternoon off work and finished packing about 1 AM. 

I picked up the truck Saturday morning.  Around 11AM, our loading crew arrived and started working diligently.  They were great.  They used every inch of the 17-foot truck, but quickly realized that we needed more truck.  We opted for an additional trailer.  While they continued carrying household stuff down our long flight of narrow stairs (I won’t miss those), I drove the now full truck back to U-Haul and hooked up a trailer.  By 3 PM, they were done loading (including our brand-new washer dryer that no one in IB wanted to buy – now we have two!).   Today, we finished loading last-minute small items, cleaned the apartment, and hit the road.

But we’re here. We’re home – in a house of our own.  I can already feel the stress subsiding.  It’s sort of an answer to a secret prayer of mine.  I asked Baha’u’llah for some help navigating my finances.  Suddenly, while on Pilgrimage, my college-student daughter gets inspired to suspend school and serve at Green Acre for a year.  That left this little Tucson house vacant, and Deb revealed that in the dryer climate of Arizona, her aches and pains subside.  Her doctor said “you should live there”.  My boss said “sure you can work from home in Arizona”, so it looked like a “no-brainer” and here we are. 

It’s February and it was almost 80 degrees outside today.  I think if we had waited another couple weeks, I would have said “forget it, it’s too hot”.  So, we made Tucson, none too soon.

Darrell Rodgers                                             
Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist


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Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist
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4 Responses to Tucson none too soon

  1. Joe Dolphin says:

    Hey partner,glad you are there and happy!!!

  2. Darrell says:

    Joe! My Carribean brother! Good to hear from you. This place looks like a warehouse. We have boxes stacked chin-high. So, we’re here, but “happy” will come later. GRIN

  3. grayfeather says:

    what are you going to do when Tucson gets 120degrees in the shade and you can fry an egg on a flat rock? and I don’t mean rock music, that noise is NOT MUSIC.

    Mom looks like one of my kind of people. does she fly in the left seat of the cockpit too?

    Now you need two beagles and a bassett to go with the others.


  4. Grayfeather you ole Bird!

    I’ve owned this house in Tucson for a number of years so I fully anticipate the heat. What you do is, stay indoors in the A/C!! I figure it’s the opposite of say Minnesota, where you stay indoors all winter. The difference is, you don’t have to shovel heat.

    You’d like my mom. She works hard and shoots straight. But, no, she doesn’t fly her own plane, but I’ll bet she’d love to try! She went para-sailing (you know, that kite behind a motor boat deal) when she was 76. She’s traveled to Mexico, Spain, Portugal and Egypt – all in later years of life.

    I’ll let the dog comment lie, see my latest post.


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