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Naw Ruz week – and then some

We celebrated Naw Ruz (Baha’i New Year) with some good friends this past week (21 March).  Beatriz and Robert drove over from Las Cruces, New Mexico to visit and brought their friends Warren and Jacki from New Hampshire, who were … Continue reading

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Fence is up, Boot gets the boot

We just finished building a 6-foot redwood fence in the back-yard to replace a section of block wall I had to remove because it was leaning over into the neighbor’s yard.  We got our fence up thanks to the superior … Continue reading

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Eight legs and Two tails

Here’s a riddle: What is 1-foot tall, has 8 legs, 2 tails, and barks in stereo?  Yep – TWO puppies.  I must be on drugs (or might be soon). It was a moment of weakness on my part and exuberance … Continue reading

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Incredible Mom

I don’t have an excuse for being tired because my 82-year-old mother has done all the work.  This woman is incredible.  Not only did she paint our house, right now she’s doing yard work that I planned to ignore for … Continue reading

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