Eight legs and Two tails

Here’s a riddle: What is 1-foot tall, has 8 legs, 2 tails, and barks in stereo?  Yep – TWO puppies.  I must be on drugs (or might be soon).

It was a moment of weakness on my part and exuberance on Deb’s.  We have a baby Pitt-Bull (crossed with a Tiger I think) named “Rocket”, and “Boot”, a baby Bernese Mountain Dog, or maybe a Burmese Mountain Dog, we’re not quite sure yet which (as they are in fact two different breeds with similar looking pups). 

Two sleeping pups     Boot Inspects     Rocket Supervises

This is really strange for me.  Folks who know me best know that I am not a pet person.  I never really had them as a kid.  I had a dog for a couple years decades ago, but never a puppy, let alone TWO! 

“Boot” and “Rocket” are quite a pair (boot-rocket, get it?).  While you might think that Rocket, the Pitt-Bull, would be the more cantankerous of the two, but he’s actually more docile, and learns must faster.  By the way, I considered naming our first dog “Dammitt”. Then I could say “Come here Dammitt”, “Sit down Dammitt”, and the neighbors would think we had kids.

We should have waited for another month to get more order in the house, but the city shelter was about to “put down” the Pitt that very day, and when we got there to rescue him, we were taken by the little Mountain Dog pup.  When I asked Deb “which one?”, she said Both! and I consented.  We couldn’t let the Pitt get greased and couldn’t pass up the cute one.  I’ve turned into an old softy!

This fulfills twice over a promise I made Deb when we first married, that one day we’d have a house with a yard and she could get a dog.  Now we each have one.  This situation brings to mind a line from a song I wrote years ago called “Lovely Lovin’ Woman”:

Now together we’re so happy
We’re gonna’ raise a little family.
Just the dogs, the kids, and you and me
That’s the way our life will be.
Well for me it seems strange you say
But let me add that it’s O-K
And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Little Boot is so aggressive and selfish with food that I think Deb may decide to try and find another home for him – SOON!  Although he’s only half the size of Rocket, he intimidates the Pit-Bull like as though he were ten feet tall.  He’s not nearly as fast to learn things as Rocket.  Deb says he’s the most hard-headed dog she’s ever tried to train. (Not counting me of course) 

And all my friends smile at me
They say I act so differently
Well none can say, but all agree
I got a Lovely Lovin’ Woman In love with me


Darrell Rodgers                                             
Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist

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Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist
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One Response to Eight legs and Two tails

  1. Rents says:

    Oh, they are so sweet 🙂 And of course you are so sweet, cause you took both of them. But about the domination – my male dog has also some blood of pit in him and he wasn´t dominative at all, until he got one year old or smth like that. Then it was like bang, my baby is a teenager and there´s nothing I can do – all the training has vanished; when it´s dark, everyone is an enemy; every male dog must always surrender and if he doesn´t then he will be forced to surrender (or would be, if I wouldn´t be such a mean bitch, who spoiles all the fun). Luckily my other dog, who is well trained, is a pack leader, so I don´t have to punish him myself all the time, the other dog does it for me.

    So the hard times are probably ahead, good luck with that 😀

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