Naw Ruz week – and then some

We celebrated Naw Ruz (Baha’i New Year) with some good friends this past week (21 March).  Beatriz and Robert drove over from Las Cruces, New Mexico to visit and brought their friends Warren and Jacki from New Hampshire, who were vacationing nearby.  We had a great celebration and enjoyed the storytelling of Mike and Marti Lindsey, our dear friends here in Tucson.  We feasted physically and spiritually!

It’s also been another week or two of house repair and dog-training.  “Rocket” the pit-bull is getting better at living with us each day.  He’s managing to let us know when it’s time to “go out”.  (Hallelujah!)

I learned something important about myself and handy-man work:  I’m not cut out for installing insulation in a shallow attic.  I’m thicker than most of the space allows. That was like trying to hold a push-up position with a house on my back while pushing a thick blanket over rail-road tracks.  So, I will be ordering some blown-in insulation this week and returning the unused bales of batting that are stacked in my shed.

I finally broke out some guitars and amps and played my Rickenbacker 360 again.  It felt So Goooood. I’m going to rehearse a bit on Sunday with Brian Taraz and NAHuM to prepare for the show on the 12th.  They have a bluesy piece they do for the 23rd Psalm that I think would welcome some slide guitar.  We’ll see.  I will be doing some of the secular tunes from my Birthday Party CD (because I have a number of them left to sell.)

NAHuM show   

El Ojito

I learned that the venue for the show, “El Ojito Springs Center for Creativity” has “Open Mic” every Wednesday night.  I’m planning to drop in there this week or next to check it out.

And for all you Battlestar Gallactica fans out there, check out the cool cover / mash-up video by singer-songwriter Laura Harley and Producer Jarome Matthew.  You can find “Enjoy the Cylons” on You-Tube, or on either of their websites linked in my Blogroll.

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Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist
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3 Responses to Naw Ruz week – and then some

  1. I hope you had a happy Naw-Ruz!
    Baha’i greetings from Portugal.

  2. Darrell says:

    Thank you Marco for the good wishes. My greetings to all the Friends in your lovely country!


  3. Rents says:

    Haha, you´re lucky to have a dog, who´s learning so fast – most of molossoid dogs develop slower and are very stubborn. I thought at start that maybe there´s something wrong with my puppy – first dog (german shepherd mix) knew absolutely all commands, when she was four months old, and this one couldn´t even learn, how to catch food, before he reached that age. 😀

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