News from Around the Country

News coming from around the country this past week included a message from Angelique Bollard in Troy, Montana who just joined the darrellsongs mailing list. Angel and I met years ago when we were “home-front-pioneering” Baha’is in the same town – National City California.  That little piece of Baha’i jargon means we each moved there in order to achieve a membership count of 9 adult Baha’is in that city, and form a local Spiritual Assembly – which we did! Welcome Angel!

My producer friend Jarome Matthew in Vancouver British Columbia is heading to China this week for a recording project there.  Good luck Jarome.  We’re expecting great things!

And Laura Harley is working on the release of her new CD.  She has chronicled the process on her own website and I’ve enjoyed following along.  Laura is learning a great deal about production and promotion.  I hope to get her to share some wisdom at our next Music Weekend at Bosch.

On a sad note, the world lost a great man last week – Dith Pran. You may know his name from the movie “The Killing Fields” about his escape from destruction in the Cambodian genocide of the Pol Pot regime.  What makes this particularly poignant for me is his friendship with my bride Deb.  Deb was a newspaper reporter and editor for 20 years before becoming disabled.  She “met” Pran “on-line” through a mutual friend.  Pran took it upon himself to regularly send Deb humorous stories and encouragement making her bed-ridden days (now behind her Thank God) much more tolerable.  Imagine that! – a man of world fame who came through greater horrors than most folks can imagine, took the time to comfort a pen-pal he had never met face to face – just because he knew she needed it.  Friends, That’s how God works through us. 

Deb says: “Pran kind of adopted me. He sent me prayers, inspiring stories and jokes almost every day. There were times when I was in the lowest depths of despair and a silly joke from Pran would snap me out of it. That’s how I came to value humor so much when facing any difficulty. That Pran took me on while still fighting on behalf of fellow Cambodians, working full-time, etc. Well, he was just a truly special individual.”

And I must give a hearty THANK YOU to my artist friend Moro Baruk down in the Caribbean nation of Haiti!  Moro makes very artistic items he sells in Haiti and on his website.  Among his creations are very clever CD-boxes that appear to be held or toted or sat upon by little Haitian people.   You will notice from the pictures in his photoblog, how my Darrell’s Birthday Party CD appears in the “Place d’honneur”, as Moro calls it.
Check out Moro’s craft at:

Next Saturday I will be “opening” for Brian Taraz and NAHuM at El Ojito Springs on 4th Ave in Tucson.  I was able to rehearse a blues number with them last weekend and had a ball.  Last Wednesday, Brian played solo at the “Open Mic” there and inspired me to perform there this Wednesday.  If you’re in town, come on down.

Darrell Rodgers                                             
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Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist
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One Response to News from Around the Country

  1. MORO BARUK says:

    Cute, really cute. Thanks for the boost in my moral.

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