Jammin’ with NAHüM

I had a blast last Saturday night performing at the El Ojito Springs Center for Creativity.  I was one of two “openers” for NAHüM – a band that performs what it calls “Scripture Rock”.  I’d say, if electric guitars and basses had been around at the time of King David, the Psalms would have sounded like this.  I have not heard bible verses delivered like this anywhere, anytime.  It’s different.


NAHüM is comprised of three very talented men: Brian Taraz, front man (guitar and vocals) and songwriter, Tony Wegener (Bass), and Michael Parker (Drums).  I have known Brian for about 12 years.  No one I know has more energy or better stage presence.  His partners Tony and Michael are masters of their instruments and play so “together”, it’s like they have been doing so since they were born. 

When they asked me to join them with my slide guitar in a blues rendition of the 23rd Psalm, I could not resist.  It was fun fun fun.  I also played along with Gina Chesler, a red-haired singer/songwriter with a great voice and some real talent for writing.

I hadn’t played with a band since my younger days with Wasatch Front (in Ogden Utah)
It was a blast.

Two dogs? Again?!!

Well,,,, we’re back to TWO dogs.  In addition to “Rocket” the Pit-bull, we adopted a 3-yr-old Golden retriever – Chow mix named “Sage”. 

I can’t begin to tell you how strange this is for me.  I really never had a dog as a kid and quite frankly, didn’t want one now.  But my bride longed for a dog, so we got one.  Then she said “Rocket needs a playmate”.  What?  Now we need a dog for the dog?  What just happened? 

We went to the Humane Society this time – a much better experience than the county shelter.  Sage was such a loving and mild-mannered dog, I figured what the heck, give it a try.  We got lucky. She and Rocket (the Pit-bull) have become great pals.  These two sleep cozily together in the same crate without so much as a cross growl all night.  That’s a good thing for all beings, canine and human, in the house. 

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Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist
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3 Responses to Jammin’ with NAHüM

  1. Rents says:

    You have to watch for that, since when two dogs are together, there´s a chance that they will make a pack and one of them will be pack leader (I´m not sure if that´s the right word in English, anyway I mean leader of the herd, as in wolf pack) – but that position should be only yours. If it´s not, then it means that even if the dogs are well raised, in trouble or in fun (for instance, when they suddenly see a cat) they wait for commands from other dog, not from master. To avoid that, it´s better to give both dogs some separate quality time also – but if your wife has trained dogs, I´m sure that you know it yourself also 🙂 Just I have a little problem with that with my dogs.

    (sorry, I don´t have a good English day today, I hope that you can understand what the hell I was talking about 😀 )

  2. Darrell says:

    Thanks. And yes, I already knew that. No worries, in this pack, I AM the BIG DOG!


  3. Alice`. says:

    July 29,2008
    Hi Darrell just checking your web-site

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