Getting Ready for Music Industry Weekend 2008

I know October 30 is still a half-year away, but I’ve begun preparations for the 6th annual Music Industry Weekend at Bosch Baha’i School.  This extended weekend conference of Baha’i musicians, producers, recording engineers and promoters has become my favorite event of the year. 

For 3 and a half days I get to visit with some good friends and make some new ones and they are among the most talented Baha’is I will meet all year long.  I know this because it happens every year.  We’ll have some workshops on things like songwriting and composition, and technical sessions on recording, and even some really good info on the “business” side of the music business.  But I think my favorite part, by far, is jamming with so many really talented people. 

Alan James, my good friend and colleague from Del Dios, California says “When folks play really well, it makes me want to join in and play too.”  That’s the way I feel as well.  There’s no greater spark for my own creativity than witnessing someone else’s art.  Alan’s been writing songs and performing longer than I have (and that’s decades) so he doesn’t get impressed easily.  But he always enjoys this special weekend at Bosch (even last year when Del Dios just about burned down!).

I just went to and in a few hours, assembled a new website to promote the weekend.  You can see it at .  As time goes by, I’ll add schedules and additional workshop information.  And when Bosch Baha’i School publishes the 2008 Fall schedule, we’ll have a hotlink to the session page for registration.

This year is already shaping up as a really good session.  Michael Eissinger said he may be able to return this year (taking a break from grad school).  Michael is the owner/operator of “radioNUR”, the Baha’i Internet radio station (that sometimes even plays my CD!).  He founded this weekend event six years ago to foster collaboration between Baha’i musicians and improve the caliber of the music they produce.  Michael, I’d say you succeeded.  Today, radioNUR broadcasts over 4000 titles of Baha’i-created music covering every genre.  I expect to see 50 or more of the artists at our annual weekend gathering.

I’m looking forward to seeing Jeff and Maya Bohnoff again.  They are extremely talented performers with technical skills to match.  In addition to music, Maya writes science fiction.  She and Jeff produce parodies (or derivatives, I’m not sure which) of popular songs re-themed as science fiction pieces.  They have a vibrant niche market among science fiction writers and enthusiasts.

And my good friend and business advisor Jarome Matthew will be there this year. Jarome produces artists from his studios in Vancouver, British Columbia and travels the globe to do so as well.  He just returned from a project in China.  I’m looking forward to hearing the details.

ONE more thing! Some folks’ path to happiness goes right through the dump.  My bride Deb has overcome much to be who she is today. She was recently interviewed by Warren Oddess-Gillett for his weekly Internet broadcast program “A Baha’i Perspective”.  Check it out to hear Deb’s story of becoming a Baha’i.


Darrell Rodgers                                             
Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist

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Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist
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2 Responses to Getting Ready for Music Industry Weekend 2008

  1. na'im says:

    Dear Darrel
    Thanks for your touching comment about Rowshan’s music.
    We’d be happy to send you a copy of the new album for the school at Bosch.
    If you’re interested then email me an address to
    with loving Baha’i greetings

  2. Darrell says:


    I will indeed send you an address, but it will be for getting your music played on RadioNur the Baha’i Internet Radio station.

    Keep making great music my friend.


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