Monsoon Season Report

I’ve got a list, sorry for the length.

Monsoon Season in Tucson

It never rains, but then it pours.  I’ve heard that before.  Now I live in it.  This is our first “monsoon season” in Tucson, and we finally got our first really strong rain of the season yesterday afternoon.  It was a good “gully washer”.  I didn’t have to water my back-yard last night.   Maybe now, I can get something green growing – anything except cactus will do – I’ve about given up on grass.

Tucson has some of the most spectacular lightning I’ve seen anywhere.  There’s something about the geography and its geologic composition that seems to promote some really long stretches of lightning bolts.  I enjoyed seeing it.  The dogs aren’t so sure. 

Restaurants in Tucson

I have determined that the phrase “voted best in Tucson” really doesn’t mean much here.  Either the voting is screwy or there are some really bad places to eat in this town.  I’ve decided that I’m just going to have to find my own “best of” and share my opinions with you.

Here’s a good one:  “Cafe Pacific” at Prince and Campbell (in the Safeway plaza).  This little place is NOT your typical Chinese restaurant.  This is an “Asian Bistro” or something classy sounding like that.  The dinners seem to range from $12 – $20 and that surprised me the first time I saw the menu but only because I did not realize what I was about to eat.  This is the best Asian cuisine I’ve found in Tucson so far and among the best I’ve found anywhere in the country.  If this restaurant was in San Diego, CA or Coronado, or La Jolla, they could double their prices, seat only by reservation, and be full each night.  It’s that good.  But here in Tucson, they’re on the verge of closing for lack of business.  Perhaps it’s because the folks in Tucson who really appreciate healthful, fresh ingredients prepared with care and attention to detail, just haven’t found it yet.  I hope they do soon.  Get your wallet out and treat yourself to some real flavor.  I have really enjoyed the Walnut Shrimp (the walnuts are incredible) and the Coconut Beef Stew (spicy). 

Here’s a disappointment: “Luxor” quit serving dinner.  This restaurant was serving some of the best Middle-Eastern food for the money that I had yet found here.  But after the City told them they could not run a Hookah Bar and a restaurant in the same facility, they chose to close the restaurant.  Go figure.

Music for the Soul

I should have shared this weeks ago.  We had a visit at the Baha’i Center by some young Baha’i musicians performing what they call “music for the soul”.  It certainly was.
Ali Youssefi from Chile’ and his sister Amelia Youssefi (Santa Fe NM), along with Gustaff Besungu from Cameroon, West Africa, gave us a delightful concert of Baha’i themes and scripture set to music.  Gustaff expertly played his African Djembe drum while Ali played classical guitar (and native flute) while the three of them harmonized their voices in a mixture of African and Latin American rhythms and melodies.  It was really fine.  Their music had a simple elegance that masked its sophistication.  Trust me, these young folks know what they’re doing.

Now here’s another part of the story, 35 years ago, when I first became a Baha’i, one of the local Baha’i girls in Northern Virginia was Katie Eckert.  Katie later moved away and married a Persian man named Arzhang Youssefi.  Yep, Ali and Amelia are Katie’s kids born when she and Arzhang lived in Chile’, South America.  (Suddenly, I feel old.)  I took a couple pictures and emailed them to Arzhang, their dad, who happens to be a cousin of one of my best friends in Virginia, Iraj Jaffari.  Here’s one of me and the “young’uns”. 

They were going to end their tour in Seattle.  I hope Russ Salton got a chance to hear them.  And, I hope they will make it to our Music Industry Weekend this fall.

Darrell Rodgers                                             
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Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist
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3 Responses to Monsoon Season Report

  1. Carol Dunlap Scruggs says:

    Just a howdy…my son Andrew just started serving at Bosch this week and somehow I came upon your website, re: the music industry weekend. Was looking over your site and saw the young brother and sister from Chile…they were here in Northern Va. for some time. My husband and I live in Vienna…Andrew just graduated from George C. Marshall High, out on Route 7 (where I graduated from, where I first learned about the Faith). So, your site touched on a couple of things and when I saw that you are a former Nova folk, just had to say hello. Probably went to some of the same firesides…Dr. Bashir’s…Kathy Hampton…etc. Gotta run.

  2. Darrell says:

    I’m glad you found this site. Also check out the Baha’i Muic Weekend page at I hope to meet Andrew this fall when we return to Bosch. I am indeed from No. Va. I became a Baha’i at Dr. Bashir’s home in 1973 and always try to visit him and Irma when I’m in the area. I’ve know Kate Hampton (and all her sisters and brothers) since then. Say hi to the friends in Vienna for me. Many of the older ones will likely remember me. One of my best known “Baha’i” songs “Each One Teach One” I wrote to sing at the No. Va. Baha’i School (forerunner of “One World”)


  3. Jennifer Allen Smith says:

    Hello fellow Bahai!!!! I cannot tell you how happy I am to see you on here and be able to write you! I am also from Northern Virginia, so I am fairly certain we have met on at least one occassion, or we have mutual friends! Actually, I know we do, which is mostly why I am writing. I have been trying to find some family friends, Katie Youssefi and her daughter and son Amelia and Ali, and I googled their names to try to find them, and your page showed up immediately! Katie and my mother, Marty, were best friends, and have lost touch and I saw your blog with their names mentioned…. do you have their contact information, by any chance?? I know you may have reservations because this is over the internet, but I sure would appreciate any help you can give me. My mom has been trying to find Katie for years!
    Thank you so much, and Allah’u’abha! 🙂

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