August Dog Days

I thought when I moved to Arizona that I would never see humidity again.  Well, I was wrong.  It’s the “dog days” because me and the dogs are hanging out in the air conditioning!

Growing up as I did in the Washington DC area, I know about “triple H” weather – that’s Hazy, Hot, and Humid.  And I’ve been places that were much more humid than this.  But for some reason, perhaps psychological, the humidity here during Tucson’s “monsoon” season is most annoying.  First of all, this is the desert for cryin’ out loud.  This is NOT the “dry heat” I signed up for! Secondly, it really should be called a “rainy season”.  These really don’t qualify as monsoons in my book because, well, they stop after a few minutes.  Call them “torrential”, “cloud bursts”, “gully-washers” – fine.  But “monsoon”, for anyone who has been in them, is an experience far worse than these rains.

That’s not to say that these rains aren’t noteworthy, or even dangerous.  Just about three weeks ago, following one of these downpours, some poor fellow got washed completely out of his car while (foolishly) trying to cross a raging wash, and no one has yet found his body.  And it happened in the City!!  Why that guy figured he could just drive across that torrent is beyond me.  My heart goes out to his friends and family, but I just had to say, “it’s not the heat, it’s the stupidity”.

Deb and I got a break from the heat last week.  We traveled back to San Diego for a few days.  We stayed at the U.S. Grant Hotel downtown.  On Friday, I played golf (for only the second time in a year, at the Annual Epsilon Golf Outing.  Epsilon Systems Solutions, Inc., the company I work for, hosts this shindig every year.  It’s a combination of a Golf Tournament and Frat party.  Seriously, this is a golf tournament with an open bar (several of them) – on wheels.  And apparently, a few of the participants are a lot better at drinking than golf.   I decided that hitting a bogey or even a double-bogey really wasn’t that bad, because there are official names for those.  But when I did worse than that, my foursome starting naming the really bad plays after me: “he had a Darrell and a Double-Darrell – damn.”  That’s bad. Nonetheless, it was a fun day. 

After visits to our favorite doctors on Saturday – Dr. Charles Hough in Santa Ana, the best upper-cervical chiropractor in the free world, and Dr. Dan Harper of Solana Beach, the smartest holistic, naturopathic doctor I’ve ever met, we were happy to attend the Sunday morning activities at the San Diego Baha’i Center once again.  Dr. Sam Delchad was there and he and I double-teamed the devotional and “fireside” meeting once again.  It was like old-home week – so great to see so many of our friends again.

Before I forget again, let me tell you about one of Tucson’s great Folk Musicians.  His name is Stefan George .  Deb and I met him at the 17th Street Market – the only grocery store I’ve seen with a guitar section, a stage and live music!  Stefan was there performing and I was so impressed I bought two of his CDs – one called “Blue House” featuring all his own tunes, and another called “Blind Love” that he recorded “live” with his wife, and frequent musical collaborator Lavinia White.  On that album he does a cover of Steve Earl’s “Devil’s Right Hand” that just blows me away.  He really owns that tune now for me.   Check him out on CD-Baby.

Darrell Rodgers                                             
Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist

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Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist
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