A Trip Home


Deb and I just returned from a trip to Virginia.  I had some business in the Philadelphia area and decided to fly to Dulles Airport in Virginia, only a few miles from my mother’s house, and drive up from there.  It was good to see family again even though it was ever so brief.


I carried with me “draft” recordings of several of my songs, including “Sex as a Weapon” in order to play that particular song for Scott Tatina, my brother-in-law. He produces electronic music as a hobby and is getting quite good at it.  I think he liked my slide guitar work even though it was sloppy.


Travel by air has become such a pain for me.  It’s really not any worse than it has been in recent years (since 9/11) but I have changed.  I don’t have the temperament for it anymore. Or maybe, I just prefer staying home more than I once did. Hmmm… Perhaps I am acclimating to Arizona after all. 


Then again, this is the time of year when Tucson really gets good.  The humidity dissipates, and so does the heat.  We’re left with near perfect temperatures and beautiful days.  The air conditioning even pauses from time to time as the outside air gets down below the thermostat. 


I dropped by “Next Door Studio” operated by Oliver Saul here in Tucson to watch my friend Brian Taraz (NAHüM) record a few tracks for his next CD.  It’s going to be great.  And speaking of next CDs, Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff have released another Fantastic CD.  You can listen and buy it from CD/Baby or download songs from I-tunes.


One of these days, I’ll get something done for you.  It’s rather frustrating sometimes.  Perhaps I suffer from the “paralysis of analysis” as I want to re-record and re-mix stuff that was likely “good enough”.  I had hoped to have my Baha’i CD ready to take to Bosch, but it’s not looking likely now, with only 3 weeks left to go and only 6 songs done.  Deb says I can do it.  We’ll see what the weekend brings.  Maybe I’ll give up and just pay Oliver at Next Door Studio to help me get this done!


Darrell Rodgers                                             
Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist

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Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist
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