Book Barn and Bum Steer

I performed twice this week in two completely different venues.  I received a call from my dear friend Brian Taraz (aka NAHuM) telling me about a local blues band wanting to start an “early” (5PM) open mic/ jam session at the “Bum Steer”- a local bar/restaurant in Tucson.  The Bum Steer has a rough reputation.  It had been closed down years ago after a shooting.  But its new owner wants to change its image (and escape the past).  That’s going to be difficult.  But I checked out the blues band, The Bryan Dean Trio, on their My-space page.  The samples there blew me away!  Bryan Dean is good!  So I sent him an email and he responded encouraging me to play as well.  Here is a photo of me and Bryan Dean and another of me performing at the Bum Steer.  I may go play there again one day, but I’ll take an electric guitar so I can “jam” with the Bryan Dean Trio.  Please check out their website.  I bought their recent CD “Pink Elephant” and it’s a joy.


bumsteer1My bride Deb is with the Friends of the Pima County Library and they are currently running one of their famous used book sales at the “Book Barn” – their warehouse near Campbell Ave and Grant Road.  Thursday night was “members” night and they wanted to find someone to entertain the shopping members.  Guess who got volunteered.bookbarn1

Well It’s a good thing because it was relaxed and relatively quiet so although there was no PA, everyone seemed to hear me just fine.  Perhaps after I produce my next “secular” CD, I will perform there again and sell some merchandise.  I’m going to ask my buddies at the TKMA (Tucson Kitchen Musicians Association) if any of them would like to be next.


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Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist

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Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist
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