Gettin’ Ready to Get Ready

We’ve been working hard around here the past couple weeks.  Deb and I are in the process of buying a house in Casa Grande, AZ and it’s almost ready to be a done deal.  We’re trying to get the gas company to turn on the gas but the technician couldn’t understand why there was no gas coming from the gas fireplace feed and refused to turn on the service.  Apparently, the shut off valve is electro-mechanical and controlled by a wall switch that looks like a light switch.  I didn’t know that, but then neither did our highly trained professional from the gas company.  We’re going to try again tomorrow.

Saturday night we attended a house concert in Oro Valley by Grammy award-winning musician, and friend, Red Grammer

Deb, Red, and Me

Deb, Red, and Me

 Red is renown as a children’s music performer, but this was a show for us grown-ups (even though we all sang a few kid’s favorites!).  Red lost his dear wife, and co-songwriter, Kathy to cancer just three months ago.  And even with over a year of preparing for the end, I guess you’re never really ready.  But Red is healing the best way he knows – by writing songs and performing. I’m so glad I got to see him perform because his healing process helped me cope, a bit better, with Kathy’s passing.  Red made it all right.  

By the way, Red’s son Andy Grammer is “cookin with gas” these days himself.  A great songwriter-singer in his own right, he has been performing regularly at the House of Blues in Hollywood.  I understand he just knocked ‘em dead at the NACA regional conference in Minnesota last week (that’s National Association for Campus Activities).  Check him out at   
Andy – if you see this post – know that your dad is quite proud of you lad!

On Sunday, we went down to “Old Town Artisans” in downtown Tucson for the fund-raiser concert for the Tucson Folk Festival.  We ate some lunch at La Cocina restaurant while we enjoyed performances by several area musicians.  My favorite show was by my friend, and TKMA Board member, Eb Eberlein and his group “Eb’s Camp Cookin’ “. 

Eb's Camp Cookin' = fantastic sound.

Eb's Camp Cookin' = fantastic sound.

 They did some original tunes and some covers and all of it was delightful.  Watch for them on the program at the Tucson Folk Festival and be sure you catch their show.

Rick Heyman and I have recorded a few more tracks for the new CD.  I’m beginning to doubt that we can get it done in time for the Tucson Folk Festival.  We may have to content ourselves with performing and having a good time jamming with other musicians.  And that ain’t a bad way to spend a week-end either!

Darrell Rodgers                                             
Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist

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Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist
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