Heat, Sweat, and Stress – what a summer.

Casa Grande turns out to be noticeably hotter than Tucson (duh!) and quite a bit dustier.  But now, I’m here, and only here.  We sold our house in Tucson to our tennant, Noshene. It was too small for us, but it seems just right for her and her “Amish” black Labrador retriever. (She got the dog from an Amish farm in Lancaster, Pa)  So, no more “handy man” trips back and forth (an hour each way). 

This is supposed to be “monsoon” season here in Arizona.  We just had our first decent rain of August here in Casa Grande. The last one was late June.  Folks are calling it a “non-soon”- Wind but no rain.  In fact, I experienced a “Dirt Hurricane” last month.  Palm trees stretched like kids reaching for candy, stop signs waving like metronomes, visibility about 30 feet,  but instead of water, it was dust, moving at 80 miles per hour.  Nasty.

Deb and I made a couple trips to California, one before the wedding, and another just last week.  Both times were able to get Deb to see our two amazing Doctors – Dr Dan Harper of Solana Beach – a wizard of natural remedies and supplements – and Dr. Charles Hough of Orange, CA – who we have ordained as bonafide miracle- worker of chiropractic marvels. Bottom line – Deb’s feeling pretty good. 

That trip before the wedding turned out to be God-send.  Without it, I doubt Deb would have survived the pace of a houseful of relatives, particularly our nephew Ian.  He’s autistic and often lives in his own fantasy world that mimics whatever movie he happened to see most recently.  The first night in the house, he was walking in and out the front door about 4 AM.  When Deb asked him what he was doing, he said he was on a “covert mission”, to “Detroit”.  Why Detroit? Who knows? (maybe he was after that stimulus money) After they visited our friend Greg Waddell in Tucson, Greg called up and said Ian gotten them to leave early by planting a “nuclear device” in the house.  I asked my brother Pat about his son’s exploits in Tucson and Pat said “Yeah, we’d have stayed longer but he only gave us a nine-minute fuse”.  Pat takes it all in stride as he and his wife Jody stand constant vigil for that curious child.  They are super-heroes.

I’ve started seriously working on the next Music Industry Weekend at Bosch Baha’i School.  A number of our alumni have stepped up to offer some excellent workshops, and I’ve heard from some folks who will attend for their first time.  October 22-25 – It’s going to be a good one.

Back in 1912 when Abdu’l Baha visited America, he made a stop in Glenwood Springs, Colorado just for a rest (train travel was rough back then).  For the past 30 or so years, the Baha’is of Glenwood Springs have held a commemoration of that day. This year, on September 12th, I will be performing for that joyous occasion.  It runs all day with speakers and artwork demonstrations, and I’ll be on at 7PM and do two sets – the first mainly from my Baha’i Teaching CD “Each One Teach One – Songs for the Army of Light”, and the later set from the new Folk-music CD “Plain & Simple”.  It would be great to have bassist Rick Heyman along, but 1500 miles round trip in a truck – I wouldn’t do that to him.




 Darrell Elmer Rodgers
Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist




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Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist
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