Next Weekend in the Redwoods

Bosch Baha’i School is one of the prettiest wooded spots in California, not just for those magnificent trees, but more for the spirit that permeates the 88 acres of the school.  I started going there regularly many years ago following my divorce.  Though a long way from my home, it was only an hour from Sunnyvale CA where I often went on business.  I spent many weekend hours helping out with maintenance (the best I could) or performing music for sessions.

IM000080For the past seven years, it has been the home of our annual Music Industry Weekend when dozens of Baha’i musicians, and like-minded musical friends, gather to attend workshops on performance, recording, promotion and to jam and make music together.  It provides an opportunity for aspiring musicians to gain skills and contacts and  encouragement that will help them succeed in their chosen field.  It’s a blast.  And it starts next week on Thursday evening the 22nd of October.

Now some Baha’is (some you may know in fact) have said to me:  That weekend shouldn’t be about improving business for musicians, but rather about serving Baha’i communties with music.  I say, NO

Think about it this way: No one would dream of gathering Baha’i plumbers to convince them to work for free in their communities.  No one expects doctors, lawyers, attorneys, engineers, or any other professional to work without compensation just because the customer is a Baha’i.  And think for a moment who has had a greater influence on people through music, Joe Nobody the unknown musician, or the late Dan Seals who had numerous number one hits?  Bosch has hosted Music for Service sessions in the past and I hope those continue for all who need it.  But there is no other Baha’i-oriented training for the business of Music available to our aspiting talent.

Our goal for the Music Industry Weekend is two-fold:  1) improve the caliber of Baha’i-oriented music available for the public, and 2) foster the success of Baha’i-minded musicians who will attract favorable attention to the Faith and uplift the character of the Music Industry.

IM000049I see some great young talent out there with a real chance to make a difference.  And there are “old-timers” who still have some great music share ( at least I think so).  We will bring them together next weekend, and for me, that is a service too.

 Darrell Elmer Rodgers                                 

Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist


About Darrell

Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist
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