A Visit with Mom

Even as old as I am, I still get excited by a visit by my mother.  I have often said that even if she wasn’t my mom, I’d still enjoy time spent with Katy Rodgers because she’s just that good to have around.  And my bride thinks so too. (and she claims mom likes her more)

Our beloved “Katy-mom” (as Deb calls her) spent almost a month with us and during her stay she was joined by her “baby brother”, my Uncle Dale.  Dale Witherow is an artist.  You’ll find a link to his studio website listed in my blogroll (to the right of this page). 

Mom was born in November of 1925 and grew up during the depression and World-War 2 and a parade of other momentus events in 20th century history.  But she’s a lot younger than her 84 years.  She works hard all the time, which is really handy when you have a house as dusty as this one gets.  She was constantly cleaning – dusting, sweeping, wiping down.  And don’t think we had a thing to do with that.  I tried to get her to relax, but I knew that in her way, this WAS relaxing.  Uncle Dale did manage to pry her away from the broom for a day and they drove down to Bisbee for an over-night stay. They have convinced Deb and I to make that same trip one day soon.

We managed to get my daughters around the same table with their “Grandma Katy”, (great) Uncle Dale and us.  Dale got to meet my new son-in-law Cody langness and we all got to know BJ, Sarah’s beau, a bit better too.  I took a picture or two of the crowded table at Chompies restaurant in Tempe.

I also got a bit inspired this past two weeks and wrote a new song I call “Complicated Man”.  I wrote this one from my own perspective, but I was inspired by my Baha’i, war-veteran friend Jonathan here in Casa Grande.  I think he will identify with and appreciate the lyrics of this tune that inclde these words:

“Yes I’m complicated, but I can’t take all the blame.  The ravages of warfare are every nation’s shame

Yes my back’s against the wall, but that’s just the way I stand, to defend a simple life, for this complicated man”

I have recorded only guitar and vocals so far but may go ahead and submit it to the Tucson Folk Festival Song Writing competition.  I’m not so sure I will, but I’m thinking about it.  It bugs me that a big part (25%) of one’s score is for “Talent and Stage presence” which somehow is supposed to be conveyed on the submitted CD.  They also judge “Arrangement” (another 25%) which tells me that simple guitar and vocals don’t stand a chance.  It’s really NOT a song-writing contest, but a “singer-songwriter’s performance contest”.  They should just call it that.

Nonetheless, I might enter a couple songs from my “Plain & Simple” CD.  They are all original.

One last note:  Happy Valentine’s Day.  Thanks to my bride, mine was wonderful.

Darrell Elmer Rodgers
Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist

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Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist
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