Putting 2010 to bed

The last day of the year is upon us.  Hard to believe.  When I was a kid a year took for ever but the days went by too fast: “what? time for bed already?? awww mommm!”   Now that I’m old, the years fly by but each day seems to last too long: “Is it not 5PM yet?? OOh mannn!!”. 

It was in many ways a year of progress however.  Starting with my mom’s winter visit and my Uncle coming and nephew flying out – we had many opportunities for drawing closer to family and friends.  Deb and I visited Bisbee and environs for our 4th nniversay.

The Tucson Folk Festival was again a blast and this time we weren’t rushed to produce a CD. Additionally, we got interviewed on KXCI radio in Tucson and they played three of our songs on the radio. Then we performed at the kick-off party and received great reviews from our peers.  We got to meet John Coinman – what a talent! – and I attended a workshorp conducted by Chris Hillman and Herb Pedersen.  And we added a drummer to our show this year – our dear friend Michael Parker who accompanied us at the festival along with singer Sarah Danielle (Taraz).  It was marvellous fun.  We performed several times as a trio since then including twice at the Glass Onion Cafe – a haven for ex-hippies and old “folkies” (like me) and vegetarians (like Deb).  Thanks to our dear friends Jim and Nina Rhodes, we were awed and inspired by a visit with Khaloud Jawad, and Iraqi Baha’i who spent years imprioned by Saddam Houssein.

In August we finally made our long awaited road trip up the west coast visiting many dear friends along the way including Sam & Laal Delchad, Chuck & Roz Thrapp, my Uncle Dale Witherow & Aunt Vita Laume, and Russ Salton & his new studio.  We returned through Utah and met “Momma” Skyla Chritison and her wonderful family and visited my old band-mate and spiritual brother Nelson LeDuc – and did some sightseeing all along the way.

We enjoyed another fabulous Music Industry Weekend at Bosch Baha’i School in Santa Cruz and met Burl Barer (aka The GREAT Burl Barer) along the way.  I played several solo performances around the area and the trio played a show at Desert Rose Baha’i Institute again with a bunch of other musical friends. I went to Flagstaff with Mike Lindsey and did a few songs at his Cherokee Story-telling presentation at Macy’s Coffeehouse.  Tim Macy has invited me to present a musical fireside there on 14 Jan.

We then took a trip to Virginia for Thanksgiving with my family – Deb’s first there. We had fun and I got to see a number of dear friends during our stay.  And as I wrote in my last post, I recently attended the funeral of Baha’i friend and Jazz great James Moody and chanted a Baha’i burial prayer at his graveside.  It was a bitter-sweet farewell.

I’ve written only two new songs this past year – not many for sure, but I like them both.  “Seven”, a tribute to the imprisoned Baha’is in Iran, is available for free download.  I’m working on the recording of “Complicated Man” and hope to have it available soon.

Resolutions?  Well, forget losing weight – that’s never worked. I already don’t smoke or drink booze, so those are out.  I believe I will resolve to complete some new songs this year and to learn to use this “Logic” recording software better.  It has many features I have not begun to fathom. In fact, It’s time for a new CD so I’ll resolve to make one in 2011.  I think it’s time to get into the electronic download business too – I’m way behind on that.  So look for some 99-cent specials in the coming months!  Oh, and I’ve resolved to post something on this blog on a weekly basis.  Hows that?

Darrell Elmer Rodgers
Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist

About Darrell

Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist
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