February made me shiver…

I thought my days of shivering in February were over when I moved to the Southwest, but recently, February has kicked my butt.  February has set some record lows for Arizona with temperaturs dipping to near 20F here in Casa Grande and down to 17F in Tucson.  They had some sub-zero mornings in the mountains near Bisbee.  Not the Arizona I signed up for.  I’m no stranger to the cold.  Heck, I lived in Iceland for a time.  But here, with humidity under 10-percent, you can alomst feel your skin freeze-drying as the static electricity dances through your hair.  But as my “snowbird” neighbors say, at least we’re not shovelling snow. 

But they were shovelling snow in Flagstaff back last month when Deb and I drove up for a Friday night show at Macy’s Coffeehouse.  Every month, Tim Macy opens his cafe on a Friday evening for a presentation on the Baha’i Faith.  After seeing me perform there with Mike Linsdsey back in November, he invited me back for a show of my own.  Tim is a spiritual and talented man and that is reflected in the warm “vibe” of Macy’s Coffeehouse.  Of course no small part of that vibe is the warm hearts of the Flagstaff Baha’i community who always come to participate in those monthly events.

Next time, perhas in September, I want to return with Rick Heyman and his upright bass to really give them a show.  Maybe even Michael Parker could come with his drums to make it a trio performance.  That would be fun!

Perhaps it’s too early to mention, but I’m working on a “video” – just me and guitar. “talking head” style.  Those types of videos rarely impress me, but I’ve just recently discovered how the workload and complexity increases exponentially with anything else one tries to add.  Once I figure out how to do a decent-looking-and-sounding video, I will add it to the workshop offereings at Music Industry Weekend.

Darrell Elmer Rodgers
Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist

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Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist
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