Fasts and Funerals and the ER

It has been a rough two-weeks since my last post.  I want say WOW.  The humorous little “Fastin’ Time” song video garnered over 1400 views on YouTube in it’s first 4 days.  Note to self:   humor goes viral. 

"Fair Winds and Following Seas" Uncle Bob Witherow. Thank you for the home away from home when I was a sailor. Your stories of adventures with UDT and SEAL teams over 30 years were a thrill to me. Thank you for defending our country.

On the 13th of March, my Uncle Bob Witherow passed away.  This was a man who in my eyes was a tough as they come. He retired from the Navy in 1985 after 36 and a half years of active duty. When he retired, he and his best buddy, Rudy Boesch (Rudy later became the oldest competitor on the TV show “Survivor”) shared the title “Navy Bullfrog” as the longest serving frogmen in the Navy. (Rudy stayed in the Navy another 5 years)  In 1950 He signed up for Underwater Demolition training, even though at the time, he had never even been swimming.  He learned fast.  He graduated with Class #6 of a new intense form of training, later called “Hell Week”.  “The easy day was yesterday” he would often say with a smirk.

About the time I learned of Uncle Bob’s passing, my bride Deb starting having chest pains.  These were different than previous pains and we decided to get checked out.  It took a whole day (9 and a half hours) in the Emergency Roon to determine that it wasn’t her heart.  Even after visiting her doctor on Friday, we don’t know the cause for sure.  But we’re changing some dietary things and hope to have a handle on it soon.

Then just a few days ago we were shocked by the sudden passing of our friend Jihmye Collins in San Diego.  Jihmye was so vibrant that the stroke that took his life came as an absolute surprise.  He was quite an activist. Propelled by a love for his community and a strong sense of justice, Jihmye never hesitated to speak out and demand better of the city and of those elected to serve the people. He was a poet and an artist and we loved him.

Here’s a video he did just a short while ago:

Darrell Elmer Rodgers
Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist

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Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist
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