Photos from our Civil War tour

Here are a few photos we took on our recent tour of Civil War battlefields.  I’m gald we’re home in Arizona now where the reltive humidity is about 5%.  Speaking of relatives, it was great to see some of mine on this trip! My mom accompanied us at Gettysburg for the first of our two days there. She joined us at Antietam as well.

Deb sat on Lincoln’s lap. He must have pinched the next girl who tried it because she jumped with a yelp. Of course that other girl wore shorts and bronze gets hot.
As I mention on my VLOG #5 (coming next) It’s intriguing to me to think of the horrendous blood sacrifice the Civil War represents. Some see it as a pennance paid for the atrocity of slavery.  Others see it as a ransom paid for the gift of unity – a prize slow in coming to be sure.
 The rifles shown are just a few of the many different weapons used it this costly battle. They were more varied than the brass band instruments also displayed!   Many of those instruments were labeled “saxahorn”
In my previous post I showed a view from atop Little Round Top at Gettysburg where Chamberlain held his ground. Here’s another picture from there showing, on the left, the area of the “Peach Orchard” owned by the Sherfy family whose descendants are family friends.
Of course we had to find the momument to the 11th Pennsylvania. They were the unit that included “Sallie”, a brendle pit-bull pup who “hated women, rebels, and democrats”. We named our younger pit pup for this K-9 war hero.  Deb asked a park ranger where to find the 11th Pennsylvania momument.  He took one look at her “Plays with Pit Bulls” t-shirt and said “You’re lookin’ foe Sallie!”
Although he was a Confederate (not Deb’s favorite team), General Longstreet really impresses my bride. We found his statue and took a picture that makes me think the old boy is gawking at my bride!!
Here is Deb and my mom at the Irish Brigade’s monument at Antietam. If you ever wondered how the “Fightin’ Irish” got their name, here it is.
Here’s Deb at the business end of a Parrott Gun – a very large rifle with a tremendous range for its time.  This one is at the site of the first battle of Manassas – the first mjor land battle of the Civil War. This battle was the wake-up call for many Washingtonians who thought it would be the ONLY battle of the war.
Here she is back home this morning with both our dogs in their favorite spot.
I think it’s Deb’s favorite spot too.
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Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist
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