Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and all that Jazz.

Well, not only Jazz but pop, rock, folk and blues as well. And a blessed Chanukah, Ashura, Kwanza, Bodhi, Solstice and whatever you choose during this season.  This is not an attack on Christmas, but a peace-offering for world unity. 

The recent  noise about “attack on Christmas” underscores an observation I made long ago: “When you KNOW someone loves you, they can say anything and it’s OK.  BUT, if you suspect ill-will then, even “hello” is a threat.”

So let’s take this opportunity, during this season of love and devotion expressed in many faiths to assume the best -if only for a week or two – and hear the best in every greeting.   It will help us all feel the spirit of unity just a little more deeply.

One of my earliest blogs was about “Christmas presents and Christmas Presence” (Dec 2008).  I said “Christmas Presence is what you receive when you OBSERVE Christmas with an eye toward the Human Spirit.  It’s not the toys given by our police officers to impoverished children; it’s the tear in their eye when they do so”

My mom - Katy Rodgers

I think you get the point already. The real gift is the “Presence” of that spirit that unites us all. And even if you are a hard science-oriented athiest or agnostic, you will likely recognise that organically, humanity is indeed all connected. The differences in our genetics is miniscule. So what harm is there in taking a seasonal “cease fire” in the war of words and attitudes?  None that I can see. 

This year we will visit with friends, old and new, and enjoy the company of my mother, 86 and going strong – perhaps the best gift a son can have.  I hope your holiday season is as joyful as you desire and that we might all, perhaps, carry “Christmas Presence”  forward into the new year.

Peace to you all.

Darrell Elmer Rodgers
Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist

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Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist
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