Late Night in the studio

I’m having a “Pettycoat Junction” morning – according to one of our neighbors here in Casa Grande.
Yep, you remember:  “that’s Uncle Joe he’s a movin’ kind’a  slow”
– that’s ME this morning.

I was up LATE last night working on some music tracks and getting set up to sell digital downloads on line. Audio recording and production is one of those things that’s “never done” – there’s always room for improvement, or in my case NEED for improvement.  I keep finding annoying little stuff that should be cleaned up before distribution.

It’s slow and painful – just like me and Uncle Joe.

But here’s the PLAN:  Sometime in the next few days, I will be posting the music video “ROTFLMAO – the facebook song“.  It’s a long movie – 7 minutes.   But it’s so COMICAL that I think it might “go viral” – particularly since Facebook is planning to become a publically traded company very soon.

You can help by sharing the video with all your friends and asking them to do the same.  I will include links where folks can purchase a digital download of the whole song as well as many of my other previously recorded songs.  And I will be adding new songs to the download catalog as I finish them.

So, “stay tuned”, as they say, for the big video release and launch of the NEW download site.

And if you’re in Tucson on Sunday 12 Feb, and would like to support the Tucson Folk Festival, there’s a FUNDRAISER show at  The Boondocks Lounge  3306 N. First Ave., Tucson, AZ.   It’s the TKMA‘s  ”Valentine’s Day” Fundraiser night of acoustic “love songs” – Feb 12,  Sunday 5PM – 9PM  support this to help keep the Tucson Folk Festival FREE!  I will be there and will do a couple tunes myself.

Also on our calendar: Feb 26, Sunday 2PM – 4PM – The Glass Onion Cafe1990 W. River Road, Tucson, AZ – The Darrell Elmer Rodgers Trio will perform two sets for all our friends.  The show is free, but bring some cash for some organic coffee and other good stuff!

March 17, 2012  Saturday Morning at thePlaying for Unity In Diversity festival – The Darrell Rodgers Trio will perform at Old Tucson Studios  for this “volunteer” event.  All the performers, including The Darrell Rodgers Trio and our friends Alan James, Robert Gillies, and others are performing for free.  But admission to the park is about $17.  You’ll bet to see the old west movie sets from many of those John Wayne classics.

Thanks in advance for your help sharing the upcoming video.  I hope to see you at one of our shows.

Darrell Elmer Rodgers
Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist

About Darrell

Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist
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