Dogs, Dust Storms, and Great Music

It’s been busy around the old hacienda since our return from traveling.   And it’s been “hotter than blue blazes” (as my mom would say) here in Arizona to boot. Compounding the issue has been our “monsoon season” humidity reaching as high as 70% some mornings (it’s a Jungle out there!).  Our dogs are outdoors only in the mornings when it’s typically under 100 degrees, but by 10 or 11AM, that dream is over, and they’re exhausted. The other day (when it reached 116 degrees) the pooches were so heated that they both chose to flake out on the tile floor of our family room, rather than the soft couch, just to feel the cooling “heat sink” of that stone floor. I don’t blame them.

Deb has completed her weening from Cymbalta – an insidiously addictive medication – prescribed years ago for her Fibromyalgia.  She hasn’t yet, in my opinion, completed the withdrawal process.  But soon, I suspect, the last remnants of that drug will be gone from her system and we can focus, with her doctor’s help, on natural supplements that will help her manage pain in a more holistic manner.  Cymbalta is touted as “non-narcotic”, but the average Joe (like us) doesn’t realize that doesn’t mean it’s not seriously addictive. Withdrawal, if done too abruptly, can lead to severe depression and even suicide.  It has taken eight months of regulated, progressively-diminished doses to reach the point of stopping all together.  Deb’s resolve is amazing.

Last night, Deb and I drove to Gilbert, Arizona, through yet another massive dust storm (waiting on the roadside for visibility to improve), to hear and see  JC & Laney perform at the Higley Center for the Performing Arts.  Because of the dust storm, it took us an extra 30 minutes to make it there, but it was well worth it!  When these two harmonize, it’s like golden honey in my ear.  No kidding. The best duo I’ve heard (and not just because we’re friends).  JC Scott is a highly-skilled songwriter. He really hits them out of the park! Their new song “Side by Side” was for me, one of the best moments of the evening (“…I don’t even have to try, this is too easy, and I know why, heart to heart, eye to eye, we do everything, side by side”..*)  *Pardon me, JC, for getting these lyrics somewhat wrong, but the message came through loud and clear.

Making the evening all the more special was the additional fiddle accompaniment provided by Heather “Lil’ Mama” Hardy – a recent inductee into the Blues Hall of Fame.   We first saw Heather perform a couple years ago at the Tucson Folk Festival as part of Sabra Faulk’s band (Sabra was there last night too!).  Then last year, Heather put together her own band, including Sabra Faulk, and absolutely ROCKED the house at the Museum Stage.  When Laney announced that Heather would join them, I shouted hooray!  It was one FANTASTIC show. (By the way, you can see Heather and Sabra perform together on Friday, August 31  24 at 8:30 PM, at The Mint Bar in Tucson (3540 E. Grant Road).

Let me also give a shout-out to their opener,  Marconias.  Mark Marconias is a local (Tempe AZ) singer-songwriter with bluegrass in his fingers and rock’n’roll in his blood.  He’s also a bit of a humorist (like me) and his “sing along” song about ugly feet, cracked me up.  I was duly entertained. Keep up the great work Mark!

Be sure to check out JC & Laney at their website, and make a plan to go see them. Tell them Darrell sent you.

Darrell Elmer Rodgers
Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist

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Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist
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One Response to Dogs, Dust Storms, and Great Music

  1. Sabra Faulk says:

    Hey Darrell, Thanks for the shout out, really appreciate it. Yes the Mighty Duo was quite fantastic and Heather just made it even better. Wanted to say that we have been cancelled for the 31st at The Mint but we are there for sure on the 24th of August. Really good to see you both. Thanks, Sabra

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