Thinking about Muslims

I was almost in despair yesterday seeing the news videos of protests by Muslims around the globe about the disgusting amateur video that was posted on YouTube denigrating the Holy Prophet of Islam. I was beginning to wonder if ALL the intelligent, reasonable Muslims were already living here in the USA. After all, the Muslims I know personally would never fall for the riot-instigating suggestions of those fanatic clerics we so often see on TV.  Nonetheless, it’s hard to remember the Sane, when the INsane are ranting so loudly and even occupy seats of power (like ol’ President “Hock-My-Dinner-Jacket” in Iran who claims his enemies have messed with the clouds to bring drought to Iran)

Then something occurred to me.  On TV News, I’m only seeing the Muslims who are making a spectacle of their objection to that video nonsense, and NOT seeing the countless millions of other Muslims intelligent enough to see that this video was the work of one idiot, NOT a coordinated attack on their belief, NOT a threat to their way of life, and NOT at all faith-shaking to those who truly love and understand the teaching of Mohammed.

I imagine that none of my Muslim friends here, for one instant, believes that the Holy Prophet of Islam who endured ridicule and retribution in His lifetime, yet managed to unite warring tribal factions into a single nation recognizing the God of Abraham as the One True God,  would in any way require defense through violence. God forbid the thought that such a Holy Being would be in any way dependent on mortal men for His protection.

But then, I also can easily imagine that somewhere in the minds of my Muslim friends, is a question about whether I, their non-Muslim friend, would rise to defend them should one (or more) of our own American-made fanatic sickos decide to strike out violently against them.  I would.

I would not want to miss the opportunity to join the ranks of such as those non-black Americans who, with the NAACP, defended blacks during the civil-rights movement and marched with Martin Luther King.  I would want to be counted as courageous as those non-Hispanic Americans who took up the cause of justice for Latino migrant farm workers with Cesar Chavez, or those lamentably few non-Native Americans who arose to assist the cause of justice for America’s First Nations.  I hope I don’t have too.  I hope that folks here keep their cool and understand that the fools on TV just want to rile them into foolishness too.

So if you too recognize that we are seeing only a fraction of the Muslim population of this planet in the news videos on TV, and if you know in your heart that we are seeing the clamor of fools against fools, then join me in taking a breath, and saying a prayer for Unity. And ask God to let intelligent, cooler heads prevail.

Darrell Elmer Rodgers
Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist

About Darrell

Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist
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