“I Still See My Bride” – a Valentine’s Day song

Looks like this is becoming an annual “ritual”.

This ritual, I started 2 years ago when I quickly mashed-up a video for “Real Love”, a song I had already written and recorded (on “Plain & Simple”).

Then, last year as I was preparing to attend my first Arizona Songwriters Association gathering, my bride Deb asked if I was going to give her another song for Valentine’s Day. As fate would have it, the songwriter’s gathering launched a 30-day songwriting contest and gave us the title “Just the Way You See It”.  Killing two birds with one stone is good, so last year, that became my bride’s Valentine’s Day gift.

0000978-R1-080-38AThis year, perhaps wanting to give me more time, she asked a little more assertively saying “When are you going to start on my Valentine’s Day song?” CRAP! I panicked. But I had an idea.

I have always referred to her as “my Bride” (never as “wife”). You see, I HAD a wife once and that didn’t go so well. Don’t want another. But a Bride is a different creature.  She’s new and exciting and ready to co-create a life together! Such a deal!  I really think that by calling her my Bride, I am constantly reminded of that newness, that excitement, that commitment to a future together. So this song celebrates the practice of seeing her still as my bride.

Yesterday, I finished recording the song called “I Still See My Bride” and played it for Deb.  She loved it.  Next, I needed a video. That’s the really frustrating part. The new version of iMovie doesn’t work like my old version and it’s often very slow on my iMac.  (I’m beginning to think that Microsoft bought Apple.)

But, last night, I “lip-synched” a performance in front of 2 cameras and gathered a bunch of photos. With some luck, I was able to assemble the basic movie, and tonight I finished inserting photos, titles, etc.

Here it is:

Did you see the custom “Strat” I was playing?  That’s the one Jim Beardsley made – “Desert Hermit” guitars. Thanks Jim, I love it!

On Saturday, I perform at the Gilbert Folk Festival at 0830 (ugh!) – first act. But I’m playing at “Bergie’s Coffee Roast House” and what better place is there if you have to play that early?

Darrell Elmer Rodgers
Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist

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Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist
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