Ayyam-i-Ha is Celebration, Gifts, and Service

This evening starts the annual celebration period of the Baha’i Calendar. These days were named “Ayyam-i-Ha” which means “Days of Joy” but also, subtly,  “Days of 5” because in the Abjad reckoning (assigning numerical values to letters in the Arabic language), the letter “Ha” equals 5.  And there’s a bit of genius because this festival is an “intercalary”  period – meaning “inside the calendar” for those days “inserted in the calendar to harmonize it with the solar year, e.g., February 29 in leap years” (Wiki).  Ayyam-i-Ha begins at sunset on 25 Feb and ends at sunset on 1 March. So, every leap year, it spans 5 days (days of 5) and re-aligns the Baha’i Calendar (also called the “Badi” (or new creation) calendar) with the solar year.  The Arabic letter “Ha” has been given several other spiritual meanings in the Holy Writings, among which is as a symbol of the Essence of God.

Baha'i kids unload food at the Casa Grande Food Bank

Baha’i kids unload food at the Casa Grande Food Bank

So much for the mystical math and linguistics. The PURPOSE of the festival is to feast, give gifts, and do works of charity. Here in Casa Grande, we try each year to hit all three. We have done a food drive for the local food bank for the past years and this week, when we have folks over for a pot-luck, we’re asking them to bring canned-goods for the cause. The Casa Grande Food Bank is an all-volunteer force that has been feeding families in need for over 30 years.

So now, in the Ayyam-i-Ha spirit of SERVICE and GIFT GIVING, Here’s a new song you can hear for free… 

“Sacred Fire”, is a song about serving our fellow man. I wrote it last fall as part of the Music Industry Weekend Songwriting Challenge but only recently finished recording it.

If I can get some photos of service projects, like the one shown above,  I might just make a video to go with it .  If you have some “action shots” you own and can contribute, Send your photo to:


INCLUDE this message: “I own these photos and Darrell Elmer Rodgers has my permission to use them in a song video.” – then provide your name.   Also please describe what service the photo shows and where it took place.  If I choose your photo, I’ll include you name in the video credits. Thanks!

Darrell Elmer Rodgers
Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist

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Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist
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