Old Friend and New Video

Alan James and I met about 15 years ago, or more. Alan’s singer-songwriter experience predates mine (by about ten or twelve years) which means he’s been performing since the days of “beatniks” (look it up children).

So when Alan calls and says “I’m coming to Arizona, want to play some music together?” – the answer is heck Yes!

Me&AlanAtReunion2014This was a special occasion for Alan’s family. They we having a reunion in Tucson as a prelude to their “Uncle Cazzie’s” birthday. And Uncle Cazzie (aka Cassius Sargent) turned 100 this week. He’s a very interesting and entertaining man. Alan first introduced us back in 2009 when we lived in Tucson. Cazzie Sargent is a poet and gave us a copy of his book, which we keep in our guest room for visitor’s enjoyment. Here’s a little ditty that Uncle Cazzie wrote last year:

Uncle Cazzie Sargent and his nephew Alan James

Uncle Cazzie Sargent and his nephew Alan James

“Levity and Brevity are very much akin/ The fewer words to get it said, the sooner sinks it in.”

“I write very brief stuff,” he says, “I don’t waste any words.”  The poem is a lesson for songwriters too.

As for songwriting, that piece called “Sacred Fire” I wrote last October and recently recorded, now has a video. Some dear folks around the country sent me photos of Baha’i youth and junior youth doing service in theur communities. My sincere thanks to Jean Quinn of Santa Cruz, CA; Alice Moore of Folsom Ca; Jennifer Kane-Hall of Wilson County, TN; and Jaime Manfra of West Pasco County FL.  I also want to thank my friend Chris Ruhe for his social action photos even though I did not use them this time. Chris helps carry the torch of service once held by Pete Seeger in Beacon, NY.

Here’s the new video:

And here’s more recent news.


We held our annual “Half Fast” Party and Potluck here on the 11th – midpoint of the annual Baha’i Fasting period. I provided a few songs including the obligatory “Fasting Time” song that gets popular among Baha’is this time of year. (click title to hear it)

Upcoming Events:

Glendale Folk & Heritage Festival logo2014-cropI will be both EmCeeing and Performing (solo) on Saturday Morning March 22nd,  on the Food Court Stage at the Glendale Folk and Heritage Festival in the historic Sahuaro Ranch Park.  I perform at 11:30 AM.

I will also be performing (again solo) March 29th from 1PM until 2PM at the Tucson Museum of Art at their Spring Artisan’s Market.


And I just received word that me and the TRIO (Rick Heyman on bass, Michael Parker on Drums) have been selected to perform again (our 6th year) at the Tucson Folk Festival. You can see us on the Courtyard Stage on Saturday May 3rd at 5PM.

I’d love to see you at any or all of these shows!

Darrell Elmer Rodgers
Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist

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Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist
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