New Song – Lullaby in Blue

I often say “I’m a songwriter” and while that’s true, it’s not the whole truth. The truth is that I am many things, including “Father”.  Both my daughters are now grown and married and doing well with their partners.  Praise God!

Years ago (maybe 8 or 9?) my eldest was going through a rough break-up, and having suffered a similar blow in my life (haven’t we all?) I wanted to write her a song of consolation.  Quickly, the first verse and chorus came to me in a simple melody.  But I could not seem to find the right key or chord progression to support it to my satisfaction. Consequently, the song became one of the dozens of “song pieces” collecting in the back of my mind (and on scraps of note paper and on my Dictaphone tape).

Roll forward many years to just two weeks ago: I’m “doodling” on my guitar (that’s a technical term) and hit a few chords that immediately brought the song to mind. After just a few minutes, I knew I had something that could become a finished song.  It took about an hour to construct additional verses and a bridge.  I was ready top record a draft.

Then like a fool, I updated my iMac operating system. You guessed it, ALL STOP.  The iMac could no longer recognize my Presonus Firestudio interface box (the A/D converter and pre-amps that connect microphones to my recording software).  I panicked. I went to the Presonus website looking for a new driver and there it was with a nice little note saying it was qualified for “Yosemite” (Apple’s new OS). I downloaded and installed the new driver. Nada, Nothing, didn’t work.  I called Apple and waited for a human. Once on the phone I learned that “Apple doesn’t support  returning to a previous OS version”.  I had upgraded myself into oblivion.

Enter my friend Jeff Bohnhoff, cool, calm, collected master of Apple recording software.  He walked me through some exploratory investigations and convinced me to seek help again from Presonus. I did, and they came through in flying colors on Monday morning with detailed instructions on how to first REMOVE the old driver before (re)installing the new one. (That little insight would have been a useful addition to their download page).

So in the days that followed I was able to record a guitar track, a bass track and a drum track for my first draft of Lullaby in Blue. It’s getting some play on ReverbNation and that’s always nice.


Darrell Elmer Rodgers
Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist

About Darrell

Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist
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