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I hope you are all doing well this morning after a football weekend. What a weird couple of games.  I saw the stranger-than-fiction Seattle-Green Bay game but I did not get to watch the Colts get slaughtered by the Patriots, except for the first quarter. It was 16-0 when I left. I learned later that I had pretty much seen the reader’s digest version of the whole game.

IMG_1522I realized that those play-off passes were dropping like gas prices here in Casa Grande. With gasoline, that’s not such a bad thing unless you’re in the production business.

Jeremiah Craig

Jeremiah Craig

I drove up to Glendale AZ on Saturday for the 19th annual Arizona Songwriter’s Gathering.  I had a pretty good time re-connecting with other songwriters I know. And I made a couple new friends including a young man named Jeremiah Craig who presented a workshop on Social Media. He’s an energetic performer and a real good story-teller in song. Go see him if you get the chance. He performs frequently at wineries around Cottonwood AZ.

Eric Ramsey

Eric Ramsey



I heard a couple really good songs on Saturday (guaranteed when Human Jones performs), but one new one that hit me strongly was performed by Eric Ramsey, whom I had met at the Prescott Folk Festival back in October. He hasn’t recorded it yet, but when he does, I’ll share a link. He’s on ReverbNation too and has a number of other good ones there like “Will I Ever Be Dry Again”.

I’m working on a new song for Valentine’s Day.  As you might recall, I started a “tradition” of sorts four years ago when I posted a song video as a “Valentine’s Day Card” for my Bride.  The next year she asked sweetly if I would write another.  Last year (the third), she pointed at her calendar and told me I had better get started on her Valentine’s Day song.  HA! I guess Herzberg’s “Dual Factor Theory” applies to marriage as well. What starts as “motivational” becomes “maintenance”. That’s OK because I WANT to do it for her because she is a TREASURE to me.  And this year, even without a “reminder”, I started early enough to finish writing one well in advance (and she loves it). I intend to have it ready when I perform on Valentine’s Day , 14 February, at the Gilbert Folk Festival. I will be playing on the  Farmer’s Market “stage” at 10 AM.

However, I didn’t make much progress on recording it this weekend. Too much “other stuff”. Oh well, next weekend is just a few days away.

Darrell Elmer Rodgers
Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist

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Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist
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