The Fab..3? Yes!

IMAG0265My friend Russ Salton is a musician’s musician. He writes songs, plays guitar excellently (along with several other instruments), he is a recording engineer, a producer, a promoter, a music business consultant, and a generally great guy.  He has recently teamed up with a talented couple who love Beatles music as much as he does. They call themselves The Fab 3. I got to hear them perform last Friday night in Gig Harbor, WA and I must say their harmonies are the BEATLES SOUND. They cover Beatles tunes with accuracy, and Russ (who looks like Sir Paul) and Paul (who sings like John) are writing Beatles-inspired originals as well. Their website is still developing, but check them out! and for a Video Sampler Click Here

Russ met Paul and Marcie Forrest about a year ago. Marcie – an American, and her husband Paul – a Brit, lived in Israel for years and performed together as a duo. Marcie is a skilled flutist and Paul an excellent guitarist and both sing in great harmony. Being equipped with vocals, guitar, and flute, it seemed only natural they should cover Jethro Tull songs, and they did.  But on their meeting with Russ, they sang a couple Beatles tunes and Russ was blown away, particularly by Paul’s voice. He sounded uncannily like John Lennon. Russ told the couple, “If you relocate to the Seattle area, I’d want to form a Beatles cover band with you”. Well, they did and here they are together.

Russ LOVES the Beatles. Aside from the fact that he resembles Sir Paul McCartney (and plays a Hofner bass), Beatles music seems to be embedded in Russ’ DNA. Of course, the Beatles were everything when we were growing up, but Russ really tuned in.  He knows more about the Beatles music than almost anyone I know. He’s been to Abby Road Studios and hopes one day to cut an album there, perhaps with The Fab 3.  It’s only right.

The Fab 3 is targeting large audiences, playing festivals and corporate events. But they asked a local wine bar, “The Wine Studio”, only 10 minutes from Russ’ home in Gig Harbor, WA, if they might “publicly rehearse”  there every other Friday evening. The proprietor quickly agreed.  Some nights are packed, others, not so much. It was rainy and cold last Friday (yes, that’s “summer” in that part of the world) and the crowd was small. For a few minutes, I was the whole audience. But about 9:30 PM a rather jovial man surged into the bar, raving about the band’s sound, and begging them to stay until he could summon 14 friends from a nearby restaurant. Russ told the man “were scheduled to end at 10 PM, but we’ll go a little late if there’s a crowd”.  By the time the crowd arrived, the band had already played a 2-hour set (flawlessly I might add).  But being the troopers they are, they played on until after 11PM delivering much joy to an already “happy” audience that had no inhibitions about dancing and singing along to the songs of their youth.

That my friends, is entertainment.

Darrell Elmer Rodgers
Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist

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Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist
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