Hard Luck video on the quick

Last week I started again creating videos and I kept it simple (stupid). This week is even simpler (and more stupid). This time I decided to ignore a backing track altogether and see if I could record a live performance directly into iMovie (no “post production”) and still be able to hear both vocals and guitar.  I played around with mic placement and balancing between mics and the direct input and came close to a tolerable mix.

I should have practiced this little tune more before making the video. I get a little fumble-fingered during the shoot. But since I was pressed for time in the face of some travel, I pushed forward.

Eric Ramsey

Eric Ramsey

The back story on this new song “Hard Luck” is revealed in the video. Eric Ramsey does a great song of his own called “Hard Luck” in which he sings that hard luck “seems to follow me around” .   (You really should check out his music at ericramsey.net)

In the spirit of friendly conversation, my song of the same name proclaims that hard luck instead “heads me off at the pass” because “hard luck, takes a short cut, just to kick me in the ass”. (destined to become a sing-along refrain)

Well, just listen…

I hope you enjoyed this little ditty, but I also hope it’s not too personal. When time permits, I’ll work on a better more polished version of this rough cut little jewel.


Darrell Elmer Rodgers
Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist

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Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist
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One Response to Hard Luck video on the quick

  1. yieldnot@cox.net says:

    you sure make even hard luck sound like a damn good time!

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