Boy! I needed that!

Believe it or not, I’m talking about a family reunion.  I know some of you would rather take a hot poker in your eye than attend a family reunion, and I kind of feel like that about air travel these days, but this reunion was superb.

And it was a surprise for my niece Amy who has a reputation for making surprise visits to family members around the country.  When my daughters learned that Amy was heading home for the 4th of July, they quickly planned a surprise rendezvous.  I thought it was bad timing for me, but it was the opportunity to see the first encounter between my youngest grand daughter Katie (1 and a half years old) and my mother Katy (91 and a half years old).  I HAD to be there!

So did the rest of the family, as it turned out, except for my cousin Robbie Murdick and his wife Cathy who had committed to a wedding and a trip to Florida, and their daughter Nicole who was hosting some friends, and my son-in-law Bernard DeCrane who is engulfed in work these days.  But the remaining 17 made it!

My sister and brother hosted gatherings at their respective homes on the weekend that were wonderful and Deb and I got in a visit to the new National Museum of African American History and Culture – an absolute gift.  The timed-tickets for that place are sold-out through October but they issue “left-over” walk up tickets each weekday afternoon at 1PM. Well, by 12:45 PM the line for those slots was already extremely long. But this graciously helpful volunteer asked me if I was a veteran and if I had ID to show it.  I did! So Deb and I were admitted straight away, 10 minutes before the waiting line. We had someone take our picture next to the display of the Virginia v. Loving court case that over-turned Virginia law in 1967 and made interracial marriage legal.

I also took Deb to Great Falls (with mom) and the Museum of American History and the Udar-Hazy Center of the Air and Space Museum.  We had great meals with family and lots of laughter. And abundant family LOVE. Boy! Yes!  I need that.


Darrell Elmer Rodgers
Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist



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Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist
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