Let’s call it SOME progress

Last time I posted about getting back into creative mode with songwriting and production.  Well, I’ve done the songwriting half of that, so I’m claiming SOME progress.

Jammin’ with Jane Murdock

I even performed my latest new song for our Folk-singing friend from Arizona, Jane Murdock who paid us a visit at the end of July.  It was good to see one of the “ol gang of mine” here at our outpost in New Mexico. Jane’s been singing folk songs for decades and does some great songs.

I played a new song for her called “’til God Forgets” that’s built around a riff inspired by that old classic “guitar boogie” recorded by Arthur Smith back in 1945 (not quite the same, but similar). The key chorus lyrics include:
“I’m runnin’ on caffeine and cigarettes,
a zig-zag pattern in trains and jets,
give Saint Peter my regrets,
I gotta keep runnin’ ’til God forgets!”

Now, the other part of my “goal”, production, hasn’t been so successful. It seems my iMac has good days and bad – kind of like me. I’m not sure whether to replace the RAM, or bite the bullet for a new machine – decision, decisions.  I really want to get this new tune recorded so you can hear the whole thing. It’ll be another “get up and dance” number for sure.

Organ Mountains – East side

My bride and I have been out and about here in New Mexico these past several weeks, just getting to know our new area. We visited Cloudcroft, up in the mountains, and explored the east side of the Organ Mountains (thanks to access to the White Sands Missile Range). We went for a fabulous steak at Chala’s Wood Fire Grill in Messilla, NM and caught our friend Jamie O’Hara doing a set on the patio.  Jamie’s one of the hardest working musicians around and puts on the miles to get the gigs. Last place we saw Jamie was at Sparkys up in Hatch, NM (where they grow those hot green chilis!).  That’s another place I recommend – smoked meats and live music. What could be better?

Darrell Elmer Rodgers
Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist

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Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist
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