Long time no see…

Yes I’ve been neglecting my blog for a long time.  If you follow me me on Facebook, you’ve seen a few things I have not posted here, until now.

My first effort at Live-streaming was a complicated mess.  I’m not thrilled with it at all, but not ashamed to share either – for those with Facebook access, try this link:

I’ve been laying low at home, telecommuting to work, and spending WAY too much time doing that (87 hours last week, 64 the week before).  And when the work day finally ends, I really don’t want any more “screen time”. Yet there are Zoom meetings with friends & community.  I’m screened-out.

And then, there’s the news. Remember the song I posted on June 16th called
Bad Apples“?
SADLY, that song just stays relevant these days. And it’s about such a deep-seeded problem (police brutality with racial bias) that many can’t tell where the roots of it lay.  It has crept up slowly until becoming so big, it cannot be ignored.

Some years back, at some large city police department, fear got mixed with military tactics and weapons. Civility was doomed. Why is the TRAINING: “Shoot Repeatedly to Kill”?
Is it because police fear the suspect will be able, even wounded, to turn and kill them instantly?
Or could it be that dead suspects can’t testify?

When I was kid in Virginia, our local Sheriff’s Deputy, lived right in our community. He had a police revolver. He kept it in the glove box of his car. He was not afraid of his neighbors.  At the same time, city kids (mostly black) were seeing a completely different world.  I was too sheltered and unaware to even think if there were questions to be asked. And I was completely ignorant of the plight of black kids in my own area who had an entirely different view of Sheriff Deputies.

I have several good friends in Law Enforcement. I know it causes them pain to hear the outcries of condemnation spread with such a broad brush, particularly when they know they are adhering to their TRAINING.  But truthfully, that’s the same kind of “Guilt by Association” being heaped on every group these days, and that has been the “norm” for Black Americans since the day their ancestors arrived in chains in 1619.

Now it appears that more people of every ethnicity and hue are aware and talking and asking questions. It gives me a glimmer of hope for change in hearts that for a “long time, no see”.

Darrell Elmer Rodgers
Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist

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Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist
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