A Time of Transition

Long time no see. These past 2 years have not inspired much writing. I’m sorry about that. But then, you likely had a bunch of other things to do than read blogs anyway.

To catch you up on big things that happened this past summer: Nothing really.

Since the Tucson Folk Festival, we began to slowly emerge from Quarantine and made a trip to see my granddaughters in Arizona and let them cut off Grandpa’s beard. It had grown rather long. I had become “Grandalf”

But Emily helped reduce the length of it and the local barber shop shortened the hair.

Now, the start of Autumn has been busier.
For one, we lost one of our dogs to an unknown liver infection. Sally, the younger of the two, passed away in the animal hospital. Very shocking and quite depressing.

But in October, I took the WHOLE MONTH off work and we made a tremendous road trip from Las Cruces to Virginia to Chicago and home. 5,425 miles round trip. (And about as many dollars!!) I had never done a trip like that before. I may not try it again, but who knows? It was worth it, I think, for the reunions along the way. We stopped in Memphis to visit with a great musician, craftsman, and human being, Don McGregor. We were introduced on Facebook by our mutual friend, the late Bob Frank, a country songwriter who passed away recently. We both felt it fitting to heed Bob’s instruction that we should meet, and I’m glad we did. We even took a little time to pick a tune together.

From Memphis we made our way to Virginia for a stop in Winchester to visit my friend since childhood, Vic Lail, and his delightful wife Gwen. I had just learned that Vic’s older brother Bob, who played drums in our rock band “Wasatch Front” in the late 70’s, had just passed away in hospice care after a long struggle. It broke my heart. Bob and had been quite close in our youthful years. Seeing Vic and talking with him was cathartic.

Then it was quick jump to my sister’s house in Harper’s Ferry, WV. I love that place and my family. Scott Tatina, Robin’s husband of many years, is quite a talented man and I so enjoy their company. We of course also visited my brother Pat and his wife Jody and my nephew Ian. And we ventured out to visit my cousin Robert “Robbie” Murdick and wife Kathy and got to meet their grand-baby. We made an overnight trip to Clymer PA – my mother’s hometown. Mom, who will turn 96 this month, had expressed a desire to see that place one more time. So we did and I got to visit with most of my cousins (both sides of the family) and meet some “grand-cousins” on the Rodgers side. And this photo of Mom’s (left) reunion with her sister in law, my Aunt Naomi Jean Rodgers (right), was quite the pay-off. I believe this return to the old hometown was the real reason for the whole trip.

After that visit, we took mom to a memorial service in Leesburg Va, for her nearest and dearest friend Joyce Bengtson. The Bengtson family lived across the street from us and were such close friends, they’re like extended family. Joyce and her late husband Paul, had relocated to Arizona years ago and we visited them many times when we too lived there – mainly Christmas and Thanksgiving. The memorial was yet another heart-warming reunion with so many mutual friends of my mother.

We took a trip to Charles Town WV to meet up with my friend and fellow Baha’i, Robert Greg Shaw. Greg gave me a tour of the local Baha’i Center that was quite nice. The back yard was a perfect wedding venue. We also visited retire State Senator Charlie Waddell whose family I have also known since childhood. He’s quite a guy with many historical stories of Northern Va in our growing-up years.

We also had a short visit with Kathy and Ben Lacy. Ben’s another friend from waaay back (like 2nd grade). I think the first time I met Ben he was in 3rd grade and I was in second. He performed “Sinking of the Bismarck” before the school assembly. We went on to become a guitar instructor, teacher, and finally a school principal (several times). He and Kathy have a massive townhome with their own gym. They’re so trim and fit it hurts.

When we hit the road for home, we decided to go by way of Chicago so we could visit the Baha’i House of Worship in Wilmette. We stopped in Pittsburg for lunch with some more dear friends Robin and Wade Bell, who I knew in Utah before they were married. Wade was the sound man for Wasatch Front and a wizard in many ways.

Then upon arrival in the Wilmette area, we had a wonderful reunion with my old friend Van Gilmer. Van is the Music Director for the Baha’i House of worship, but we met back when he and his late wife Cookie and their wonderful children (now adults) lived in the DC area. Just being around Van is inspirational to me. His grand piano is high-tech. It’s also a “player piano” but from a CD with full orchestration if you wish. Incredible.

I also had a reunion with Glen Schallmo, lead guitarist for Wasatch Front, back in the day. We played a few tunes together and Glenn shared some recordings of the band from those days. Deb, my Bride, was impressed. (She’s a former head-banger you know)

We got back home safely and re-engaged with work and other responsibilities. Later, I’ll tell you about the Darrell Elmer Rodgers Trio band reunion we just had in Tucson.

Darrell Elmer Rodgers
Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist

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My 2021 Tucson Folk Festival Video

The Tucson Folk Festival was an amazing hybrid of Live and pre-recorded performances – all Broadcast on the internet. What an incredible job by an army of volunteers! Thanks to all of you who worked so hard to produce the festival under such conditions. You’ve done a great service to Tucson, and now, the world!

For those who missed my pre-recorded performance, here it is:

I sure hope you enjoyed that “live recording”. I watched myself couple times and I always made the same mistakes. But that’s how it goes sometimes – and it’s just like “being there”!

I am SO looking forward to next year when we can get back to playing before large audiences and greeting each other in person!

Darrell Elmer Rodgers
Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist

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Video Show for the Tucson Folk Festival!

SUNDAY APRIL 11th at 2PM AZ Time

See me on-line 2 PM (AZ Time) Sunday 11 April – CENTENNIAL HALL STAGE Channel (scroll to middle of page)

Remember (AZ Time currently = PDT) , so,
For Eastern Daylight Time, that’s 5PM
For Central Daylight Time, that’s 4PM
For Mountain Daylight Time, that’s 3PM

I’ll be performing six of my own original songs, and ONE that you have not heard before. It’s a little risque’, but a bit of “double entendre” too good not to share (if I do say so myself). It’s a song about priorities called “She Comes First” (I think you get the idea already)

This is first time that the Tucson Folk Festival will be viewable right from your own home. So be part of HISTORY! Tune in, or more aptly, BROWSE in, and see Darrell Elmer Rodgers in a video recording of a live performance.

Darrell Elmer Rodgers
Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist
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Tucson Folk Festival on-line

This year’s Tucson Folk Festival happens April 10 and 11. And it’s quite a bit different than past festivals – as are all things during this pandemic.

There will be live performances at several venues in Tucson and many of my Tucson musician friends will be entertaining anyone who can secure a spot. Crowd size is limited and quite socially distanced. One of the venues will have the audience remain in their cars!

But you’ll be able to see me on-line.

I decided that it was too much risk back at the start of the year to make several trips to Tucson to rehearse with the band and withdrew from the live performance line-up. But the TKMA (Tucson Kitchen Musicians Association) offered to allow me, and others, to contribute video recordings of a live performance to be shown via the festival web pages.

I finished recording my solo performance yesterday and completed the video production this morning. It has been up-loaded for access during the festival.

I encourage you all to check out the Tucson Folk Festival website and avail yourself, to whatever degree you feel safe, of FREE entertainment by some of the best musicians the South West has to offer. Oh, and check ME out too! (I’ll post a link after the festival, but try to view it there first)

Darrell Elmer Rodgers
Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist

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Quarantine Valentine – new song for Valentine’s Day!

It is finished and published. The “streak” continues! As my friends know, each year I write a Valentine’s song for my Bride. This year’s is specific to our current situation.

I produced a simple video for Quarantine Valentine and here it is –

I hope you enjoyed that. This song is now part of the NEW ALBUM “One Dozen Valentines” available for download on my bandcamp page


Or as a Physical CD from Kunaki at


Tell your friends, this is the perfect CD for isolating with your partner this Valentine’s Day!

Darrell Elmer Rodgers
Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Humorist

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